It’s a girl!¬†

Introducing our beautiful daughter! 

Our 19wk scan went really well, everything is perfect and the placenta is 2cm from cervix which is fantastic. She did a couple of full spins while the scan was happening – dancing everywhere. 

Braxton hicks have started and I feel them often. 

Bub is moving heaps and Quinn enjoyed feeling her although freya hasn’t waited long enough for a kick. 

This week we have a midwife apt and we see our obgyn for the second time. 

Hopefully they can shed some light on why I fainted at work today – in the prison !

I washed the first lot of baby clothes yesterday which was exciting. I basically have everything I need so any purchases are just special beautiful things rather than practical stuff. 

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It’s been very quiet in the land of bub. I am finally getting some decent kicks after feeling squiggles for a while now. Loads of uterus discomfort with its being sore to touch all the time and after wearing a waist band all day it’s not fun. We are getting excited about our scan next week and hope we can find out the gender of bub!! 

No fun cravings and most disappointing is I still can’t drink milk!!! No freak shakes for me ūüė¶ 

Sleeping has become a challenge, which sucks. A toilet trip at 2am generally leaves me awake for the rest of the night and it’s catching up on me. 

I start helping out on an antenatal class next week which I’m looking forward to! 

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Our wee bub is growing fast and perfect in every way. Our scan yesterday went well despite not finding out bubs gender. 

I’m feeling better now with no nausea just tired most of the time.  

I can’t really eat sweet food atm and I’m still hoping my dairy tolerance will return but not as yet. 

We are completely stumped for names. I’d love something from our family tree but still looking. Caleb thinks bub is a girl and wants to call her Izzy bella 

I’m feeling lots of movement now – still feels like a goldfish in a bowl. 

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Last day of meds wooohoooooo 

Happy dance!!!! 

No more 3xday pills or horrible crinone! Gosh this is exciting. 

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In a moment plans change 

It feels a little like the deja vu of Freya’s pregnancy where everything was set then changed but this time it’s in reverse.

Lynda (mw) was very clear that our desire to have a natural birth was completely off the table and a 38wks csection would be the plan. I kinda got my head around that and it was ok. 


Today we met with an obstetrician as part of out genea treatment and he was amazing. He talked through all of my history and everything leading to this point. He went through all possible outcomes, statistics and decisions we could need and concluded with ‘a natural birth is definitely an option if you want it to be’ 


So now we need to decide if we want to employ him as our private obstetrician  ($4500) and have him support and advocate for what we want, as well as be at the birth regardless of outcome. He was so amazing in how he explained everything and was very clear that it was all our decision, he didn’t even bat an eyelid when I declined vaccines! 

The pro list is very long! (Consistency of care, someone on our side, not getting mixed messages, not under hospital rules, he’s lovely, high standard of care, extra Apts) and the con list is only the cost ūüôĀ

Decisions decisions

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Look at our perfect little bub 

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10 weeks 

Nothing much is changing at the moment. Still extremely tired and nauseous which sucks but manageable. Bub is growing and doing all the right things, finding the heartbeat is easy and sits around 156 bpm.

I’m on the hunt for a beautiful blanket and some tiny gowns but thats easier said than done! 

No weird cravings at all at this stage.

I have a fat/bub belly which I’m totally claiming despite being a fraud. I can just tell strangers I’m way further along than I am lol 

Bring on our scan next week!!!! 

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